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Control the request to and response from any application.
All "options" must be a cell reference (B2), a cell range (B2:D2), or comma separated in double quotes ("option1","option2")

Example 1 (simple)


API Request "options"

The below "options" are sent along with the request to your application.
API Key (set, reset or query)
"key=reset" (reset API key)
"key=?" (query API key)
** "key=MY-KEY" (**careful, key is saved to sheet history)
The alternative "🔐 Authentication" method is recommended
Payload (JSON format)
"{'pie':{'cook_time':'20 Min','temp_degrees':'350'}}"
Payload (base64 encode)
cURL (or =cURL formula)
Headers (JSON format)
Content Type
"contentType=application/json" (default if blank)
URL Parameters
"color=blue,[email protected]"
"method=GET" (default if no Payload)
"method=POST" (default if Payload)

API Response "options"

The below "options" are used to format the app's JSON API response.
Response Headers
"rawHeaders" (returns raw /QUERY headers)
"/QUERY" ("rawHeaders" to query)
"noHeaders" (return data without headers)
Response Data
"inheritParents" (inherit JSON parent elements)
"truncateValues" (shorten response values)
"debugLocation" (row & column with values)
Raw Response Data (advanced)
"*" (return raw JSON response)
"*/QUERY" (query raw JSON response)
"*?" (request options with response)
"$QUERY" (JSON Path-Plus query)
You can try the SheetLink pre-built app formulas, or our =API("options") to interact with any application API.


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