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=NFTPort( "options")
Interact with the NFT Port API using only the SheetLink "options"
=NFTPort_GetNFTs( "search_text" ,"options")
Searches NFTs across multiple chains using a text query, specifically the name and description fields from the metadata.
=NFTPort_GetNFTsQueryPage( "search_text" ,"page_number" ,"options")
Default value: 1
=NFTPort_GetNFT( "transaction_hash" ,"chain", "option)
Returns the details of a minted NFT. You need to provide transaction_hash
=NFTPort_MintNFT( "chain" ,"contract_address", "metadata_uri" ,"mint_to_address" ,"options")
Mints an NFT to your previously deployed contract (i.e. collection). This minting consists of multiple steps and enables you to customize the whole minting flow for your exact needs.
  1. 1.
    First, you can create your contract_address using =NFTPort_DeployNFTContract
  2. 2.
    Secondly, you can create your metadata_uri using =NFTPort_IFPS_UploadMetadata
After minting, the NFT will appear in the mint_to_address wallet.
  • polygon & rinkeby chains only are supported by NFTPort for now
=NFTPort_MintNFTSetId( "chain" ,"contract_address", "metadata_uri" ,"mint_to_address", "token_id" ,"options")
Same as =NFTPort_MintNFT, yet the NFT ID can be set easily
=NFTPort_UpdateNFT( "chain" ,"contract_address", "metadata_uri" ,"token_id" ,"options")
Updates an NFT which has been previously minted with one of the =NFTPort_MintNFT formulas using a contract with metadata_updateable set to true
=NFTPort_DeployNFTContract( "chain" ,"name", "symbol" ,"options")
Deploys a standard ERC-721 smart contract where your can mint your NFTs. This is a required step if you wish to use =NFTPort_MintNFT formulas as the contract will represent your own collection.
=NFTPort_DeployNFTContractSetOwner( "chain" ,"name", "symbol" ,"owner_address" ,"options")
Same as =NFTPort_DeployNFTContract, yet the owner address can be set easily.
=NFTPort_DeployNFTContractDynamicSetOwner( "chain" ,"name", "symbol" ,"owner_address" ,"options")
Same as =NFTPort_DeployNFTContractSetOwner, yet metadata_updateable is set to true by default to enable dynamic NFT's using the formula.
=NFTPort_IFPS_UploadMetadata( "chain" ,"name", "symbol" ,"owner_address" ,"options")
Uploads a file to IPFS which makes your NFT storage easy. You can use the returned ipfs_url
Developers can review the official NFT Port API Documentation 📖
Missing a formula? Suggest one here 💡
Note that "options" are optional, other variables are required 👍

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