A service that auto generates images and videos.
Review our Bannerbear template and watch to the Bannerbear video tutorial​
=Bannerbear( "options")
Interact with the Bannerbear API using only the SheetLink "options"​
=Bannerbear_GetTemplates( "options")
Lists templates inside a project.
=Bannerbear_CreateImage( "template" ,"modifications" ,"options")
Initiate the creation of a Bannerbear image. See Bannerbear modification examples here.
=Bannerbear_GetImages( "options")
Lists images inside a project.
=Bannerbear_GetImage( "image_uid", "options")
Retrieves a single Image object referenced by its unique ID.
=Bannerbear_GetImagePNG( "image_uid", "options")
Get a PNG URL of a single Image referenced by its unique ID.
=Bannerbear_GetImageJPG( "image_uid", "options")
Get a JPG URL of a single Image referenced by its unique ID.
Developers can review the official Bannerbear API Documentation πŸ“–
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Note that "options" are optional, other variables are required πŸ‘

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