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The OpenAI API can be applied to virtually any task that involves understanding or generating natural language or code. GPT3 is one of OpenAI's most popular AI models.
Review the official OpenAI API Documentation 📖
Formula (No OpenAI Key Required 🎉)
=OpenAI_GPT3_SummarizeForASecondGrader( "text_to_summarize", "options")
Summarize text (600 character max) for a second grader using the Davinci engine
Formula (OpenAI API Key Required)
=OpenAI( "options")
Interact with the OpenAI API using only the SheetLink "options"
=OpenAI_GPT3CompletionDavinci( "prompt", "max_tokens", "options")
Get a GPT3 completion using the Davinci engine
=OpenAI_GPT3Completion( "prompt", "max_tokens", "engine", "options")
Get a GPT3 completion
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Note that "options" are optional, other variables are required 👍


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💪 "options"
Control the request to and response from any application.

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